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Children tickets: 6-12 years old (younger than 6 is free)

The Radhadesh Summer Holi Festival: The Event of the Summer, filled with so much Colours and Joy that one will Never want it to stop

For the second time ever and after 31 annual & successful Summer Festivals here in Radhadesh, a new and lively dimension will be at the centre of our attention for this historically old event which has hosted over 50.000 festival-goers throughout the years. Are you familiar with Holi? For those of you who are not familiar with this word/practice, you might know it better under the pseudonym of the Festival of Colours which has grown to immense popularity in all countries and cities around the world.

So prepare yourselves for something unique which will leave you gob-smacked by the incredible experience it simply is.

In addition to our regular stage performances, free vegetarian food, castle visits, market place, yoga tent, kids parade, museums… and so much more, we thus offer to you a colourful experience like no other with the creation of The Holi Arena wherein which you will see more colours than ever before, dance and sing a long to the music, and evidently simply have a great time!